Meet The Pet Oasis Team!

Shana has been the owner of The Pet Oasis for almost 2 years now! She has owned several businesses over the years in various industries. She has a wonderful little rescue long hair Chihuahua at home named Ellie. She loves Ellie so much that she bought her a pet store! Shana loves to golf and spend time with family in her spare time.

Elizabeth has been with The Pet Oasis for 7 years now. She has a spunky tabby cat named Taylor at home. She has dealt with various health issues in cats and can be a great resource for navigating cat health. She has been involved in the pet industry most of her life.  In her recreational time she loves the outdoors, camping, hiking, off roading and anything involving animals.

Nicola has been with The Pet Oasis for 8 years! She has a sweet pit bull named Zuni, a feisty tabby cat name Jar-Jar and a goofy blonde brindle pit mix named Gunter. She has been in the pet industry for over 20 years. She is huge advocate for pit bull rescues and loves anything animal related. In her spare time she loves taking care of her salt water fish tank, camping, and spending with her family and pets.

Mary has been with The Pet Oasis for 7 years! She has been a pet lover her whole life and is always here to give you the best pet advice. She spends most of her time with her two dogs at home Pepe and Wallace. She also enjoys yoga, meditation and staying active with her dogs. She values keeping her mind and body healthy!

Aaron has been with The Pet Oasis for 3 years.  He has been in the pet industry over 10 years. He is an absolute raw food expert. At home he has a sweet Australian shepherd rescue named Zombi. He loves art, music and movies. But these days he spends most of his time off with his partner, Amanda and 9 month old twins! He is a wonderful, loving, attentive father watching his babies grow.

Lisa has been with The Pet Oasis for almost a year now. She is also a great source of information in finding the right foods and navigating any issues with your dog or cat. She has 2 dogs and two cats at home. Mia is her 3 year old boxer mix full of energy, Hugo is her 14 year old sweet black lab and the kitties are 8 month old Gloria and 6 year old Moby.  Lisa enjoys sewing, good jazz music and spending time with her family and fur babies.

Amanda has been with The Pet Oasis for 7 months now. She has picked up things very quickly so is also a great resource for knowledge. She has two dogs and two cats at home! Papi is a 10 year old Chihuahua, Phoenix is a 7 month old rescue puppy, and the two long hair kitties are 5 year old Ruby and 2 year old Loki. Amanda loves crafting, crocheting, reading and spending time with her beautiful children in her time off.

Hannah is our newest member! She has been with The Pet Oasis about a month. She has worked in the pet industry for a year and half though! She is huge raw lover and can help with any questions about the benefits of adding raw foods into your pet’s diet! Hannah has a rescue German Shepard mix at home named Lucie. In her spare time she enjoys photography, music and traveling!

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