The Pet Oasis Holiday Gift Guide

Celebrating our Furry Friends

The Treat Pets Love: Papa Psuka

These are the go-to treats for picky pets, overweight pets, pets with health issues, and pets with owners who only want the best ingredients in their food and treats. They are safe to share with both cats and dogs. Papa Psuka and Papa Icahi are limited ingredient, naturally low fat, grain free, corn free, wheat and gluten free, locally sourced and made treats. They are made practically in our backyard in Mission Viejo, CA.

Haught Diggity dog toys

These are the cutest toys for our furry friends to enjoy some of the things we love like beer, wine, coffee, designer bags, fancy cars and more! We have multiple sizes, colors, and styles available to meet the needs of any pup. Some styles available on our website and even more available in store!

Holiday Cookie Dog Toy Collection

The most adorable Holiday toys are here!! These are dog toys inspired by the holiday cookies we all love. Now you can share a gingerbread cookie with your dogs! These make wonderful stocking stuffers for our pups.

SmallBatch Treats

Smallbatch freeze dried treats are a healthy and nutritional treat for dogs and cats. These are wonderful for training or just rewarding your pup throughout the day. They can even be used to hide pills for those fur babies who take medication. Shop these on our website or in store!


Come shop the most adorable and functional doggy and kitty clothing in the desert!  We are always getting new styles in.  Whether your pup needs pajamas a jacket or formal wear, we have you covered! We have tuxedos, gowns, sweaters, heavy jackets, rain jackets, jean jackets, football jerseys, tank tops, pajamas, and even boots and socks to protect those sensitive paws!

New Beds

Dog and cat beds seem to be one of the things that get forgotten most often. We rarely replace them for our fur babies. The holidays are a wonderful time of year to splurge for you and your pet on these. A soft, snuggly bed is perfect for holiday lounging and can really dress up your home when a premium bed is selected. At The Pet Oasis we have spent a lot of time picking out the most gorgeous, indulgent, velvety beds we could find. Come take a look for yourself today!

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are an all natural, digestible chew that helps with teething puppies, cleans plaque off any dogs teeth, can help ease an anxious or bored dog and are a wonderful long lasting chew for dogs of all ages. These make a wonderful gift for the holidays for all these reasons but can also be used to keep your fur babies entertaining during holiday parties, family get togethers or Christmas morning!

Cat Toys and Catnip

Don’t forget your furry feline friends!!  These are some of our MOST popular cat products to date! Meowijuana is 100% organic high quality cat nip with cute, quirky packaging. They have tons of options to meet your kitty’s needs. The Jackson Galaxy Butterfly ball is an adorable toy with a fluttering butterfly to help entertain your cat when you are not around. The Cat Springs are the one of the most interesting and unexpected fan favorites. Cats go nuts for these! They have kitties batting them around the house, chasing, throwing and carrying them around. The Cat Springs are a slam dunk cat toy! And finally our Magneticat!  This is another adorable cat toy that can keep your feline entertained when you are not available to play with them. It is a dangling lady bug that moves on its own from magnetic a pull!  Come see these are more in store today!

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