The Treats Pets Love: Papa Psuka

If you haven’t heard about these gems you are missing out! We wanted to share with you a local secret that is creeping its way across the West Coast and Midwest. Koda Pet makes an incredibly healthy and palatable line of treats for dogs and cats.  When I say palatable I mean my cat has stolen a bag out of my purse ripped it open and helped herself to these. I mean customers bring in dogs that are trained not to take treats from strangers and they gobble these down out of our hands and steal them out of the bowl high up on our counter. These are the go-to treats for picky pets, overweight pets, pets with health issues, and pets with owners who only want the best ingredients in their food and treats.

Papa Psuka and Papa Icahi are limited ingredient, naturally low fat, grain free, corn free, wheat and gluten free, locally sourced and made treats. They are made practically in our backyard in Mission Viejo, CA. The owner and creator of these wonderful treats is RJ. He started his treat business in 2011 with the goal of supplying pet parents and independently owned pet stores with a product they could be proud of; made in the United States with the best human grade ingredients in a wonderful pet-boutique kitchen. Stop by the store for a sample or head over to our website to try them from the comfort of your own home!

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